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Kevin Levrone Gold Lean Mass The New Addition to the Levrone Collection is Gold Lean Mass, a Premium Mass Protein Supplement Featuring a Handful of Bonus Ingredients to Further Support Muscle Strength and Size. Gold Lean Mass From Levrone Signature Series Provides a Huge 70g of Protein in Each of Its Massive 200g Servings, an Almost Equal 72g of Carbohydrates With Only 12g of That Sugar, 12g of Fat, and 676 Calories.

Features of Kevin Levrone Gold Lean Mass

  • Multi-ingredient formula designed to support the development of a muscular physique without unnecessary fat gain
  • Optimally selected proportions of components used
  • As much as 70 g of complete whey protein complex - a mixture of WPC, WPI, and WPH with the varied rate of absorption - prolonged time of access to amino acids and valuable nutrients
  • Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, supports healthy bones, and provides the diet with valuable essential amino acids A single serving provides up to 72g of carbohydrate complex - glucose and maltodextrin - which is valuable for glycogen resynthesis and has a positive effect on the proper functioning of muscles after prolonged and exhausting exercise
  • Using protein with carbohydrates in people practicing strength and endurance exercises may be helpful in achieving the desired goal
  • Creatine contributes to increased physical performance, aids in the intensification of muscle mass growth may improve strength and cognitive function, and has beneficial effects on certain exercise capacities
  • A complex of the exogenous amino acids BCAA and L-glutamine, which may prove helpful in protein synthesis or in reducing the adverse consequences of exhaustive physical activity, among other things
  • DAA may play a valuable role in sexual performance and fertility issues (e.g. sperm motility and sperm count in semen)
  • HMB has been credited with beneficial use during athletic and muscular body shaping and has shown valuable use when working on lean muscle mass
  • L-arginine is an amino acid with significant effects on nitric oxide production and levels, which affects blood transport and may be important for blood pressure, exercise capacity, and muscle vascularization (known as muscle pump)
  • L-ornithine supplementation is supposedly beneficial in counteracting excessive levels of the stress hormone (cortisol)Extracts of mace and fenugreek may have valuable effects on many aspects of health including sexual fitness, libido, sperm motility, and blood glucose
  • Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) may prove to be a valuable supplement when working towards lean muscle mass.